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Corporate Profile

GEM Microwave was established in September 2006. The company is a privately held corporation located south Hungary.

Our company designs, develops and manufactures components and systems for the Broadband Wireless, Military and Telecommunications industries.
Our solutions include everything from “mission critical” components for military communication systems to increasing the power of WiFi installations.

We expanded our product offering to include RF subsystems, RF and microwave power sensors/meters, signal generators and test equipments to meet the high demand of the growing wireless market.
After several successful years of offering a wide variety of wireless broadband equipment we made the decision in 2010 to return to a more focused approach, primarily manufacturing and selling bi-directional amplifiers and microwave power sensors/meters.

In recent years, we have continued to focus on the development and manufacture of microwave amplifiers. In addition, we have undertaken OEM activities until 2021.

GEM Microwave maintains additional product offerings, but is able to provide better support and be more responsive to the ever changing wireless market.

What We Offer

Our products are constantly improved to take advantage of the latest technology available. We specialize in custom designs and solutions for all segments of the Wireless and Test & Measurement Industry.We make wireless work!

The products covering various market segments are:

WISPs WiFi, Telecom and military customers

Military and licensed applications

Telecom Products

RF Cables, Connectors and Accessories

For all wireless set-ups

Point to point & point to multi-point systems, last mile access, wide area network solutions

RF, Microwave & Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Low-Noise Amplifiers

RF and Microwave power sensors / meters

Power sensor calibration serviceĀ 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

Product Information

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